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International Chocolate Day
with Functional Chocolates

Moises Davidovits talks about the process to do Chocolate, shows the new Functional Chocolates and the purpose of every hand-selected ingredient.

"Chocolate is a Passion"

Eating rich and healthy has become the goal of thousands of consumers, hence the popularity of plant-based foods.


Functional Foods with a Purpose

From IT Startup to Functional Chocolate Maker


Press & News

Know more about Moises Davidovits, awards, recognitions, history, and chocolate process through international press and news releases

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Flavor, Experience, and Functionality

Moises talks about the future of the Chocolate Industry and how Functional Chocolate could be a channel for healthy ingredients.

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30 Dominican Republic Business Promises

Running a successful business is possible in the Dominican Republic. For the second year running, at Forbes we intend to show that this premise is true, by engaging on a search for 30 business promises that, rather, have already become a reality.  

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Chocolate runs through our veins

Moisés Davidovits has taken a significant step within the Dominican cocoa industry, when transforming the best beans of this aromatic fruit into a fine and world-class chocolate, thanks to that he earned the deserved recognition of the connoisseurs of this product; adding value and prestige to our land.

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Moises Davidovits Named as First Foods Master Chocolatier

First Foods Group, Inc. (OTCQB: FIFG) ("First Foods" or the "Company) announced today that Moises Davidovits has been named the Company’s master chocolatier. He is responsible for perfecting the highly complex art of combining superb cacao ingredients sourced directly from the fields of the Dominican Republic and Venezuela with high-end, hemp-based CBD oils sourced from the USA to create a masterpiece of specialty chocolates.

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Moises Davidovits Named as First Foods Master Chocolatier

“I am thrilled to have a leader of Moises's caliber join our team,” said Harold Kestenbaum, CEO of First Foods Group. “He brings substantial experience and leadership at a global scale and I am looking forward to working with Moises.”

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Chocolates Khao Caribe

Chocolates Khao Caribe S.R.L. is a food company dedicated to the production of chocolates and other cocoa related products. Founded in the year 2012 by a private group with over 40 years of experience in the sector, which seek to meet a large demand on the world market. The company is located in the free zone of Dominican Republic, and has a production capacity of more than 60,000 Kg a month in products for the industrial market.


Moises Davidovits: Founder of Khao Caribe

Moises Davidovits is third generation chocolate maker from Venezuela and the founder of Chocolates Khao Caribe in the Dominican Republic. He has a true passion for the Cacao and Chocolate with more than 20 years of experience.

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Entrepreneurship in the Agricultural Sector: How to combine new Technologies in the Agricultural Sector?

Which are the challenges to undertake in the agricultural sector? 

There are many challenges in order to achieve a successful agricultural business; it ranges from the field to the preparation or transformation, and then the sale and distribution; but perhaps the greatest challenge is to reach consensus among all stakeholders, and -of course- with the State support and coordination. 

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