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Moises Davidovits, young entrepreneur with over 15 years in the chocolate making business, was born in 1979 to a family involved in the cocoa processing and trading in Venezuela.


In 2006, he built the family business to finish the consolidation of the company as one of the leading industrial chocolate manufacturers in Venezuela.

He obtained an MBA at the IESA School of Management in Caracas and in 2009 he decided to complement his studies with a Global MBA at the Tulane University in New Orleans.

5 years ago, he moved to Quisqueya and founded Chocolates Khao Caribe, working in the pursuit of showing the world that the Dominican Republic offers far more than an excellent Cocoa, but also world class chocolates. Thus, he focused on promoting the Dominican chocolate abroad, to convert it into a country brand, as are the rum and the tobacco.

Over the years, as his passion grew, he has dedicated himself to studying the cocoa market and how, through a greater chocolate production or the products derived therefrom, we can improve the cocoa farmers’ living standards and foster the sustainability and biodiversity of the Dominican cocoa industry.

Currently, Moises Davidovits is married with three children in whom he has instilled the value of doing things right and, above all, the Best chocolates!

MOises davidovits chocolate maker

Khao Caribe

An essential part of Moises' story

The Dominican Republic is the world’s biggest producer of sustainable organic cocoa, with exports of more than 70,000 tons of high-quality cocoa. The perfect site to grow cocoa thanks to the fertile soil and the favorable climate. The cocoa is produced by small farmers and big corporations.

Khao Caribe supports the development of the environmentally sustainable cocoa production and the preservation of the Dominican cocoa genetics. At the same time, we strive to protect the cocoa small and medium producers steadily, visiting their farms to validate the processes; to expand their knowledge to continue growing a better-quality cocoa according to the chocolate market requirements, diversifying the cocoa-derived product to increase the demands of the consumer; and to sustain a domestic cost instead of dealing under a volatile international market.


In this way, we control all the manufacturing process, from the cocoa bean selection up to the product packaging, which enables us to guarantee the best quality at the best price.

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