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International Consultant for Fine Flavor Functional Chocolate.
Manufacturing and Development.

Moises handcraft delightful chocolate, using only all-natural, premium, and healthy ingredients.


His process is the product of years of culinary research.


He belongs to the third generation of chocolatiers, with a legacy for the finest products' ethical sourcing, curated techniques, and flavor profiles.


Learn more about his exceptionally exquisite handmade chocolates!


Can you imagine how life would be
without chocolate?

- Moises Davidovits -

& Process


Handcrafted Chocolates for health conscious people

Chocolate can be a profoundly personal experience. Moises creates each one thinking of different ingredients, flavors, and combinations to reveal their natural and intense essences.

Know about Moises' awarded Chocolate creations.


Anacaona - Premium 

Dark Milk 60%

moises davidovits chocolatier.png

No Sugar Added!

moises davidovits collection.jpg

Sugar-free does not mean dull chocolate; Moises has developed the perfect recipe for using natural sugar replacements without changing the chocolate's quality and flavor.


Also, he created customized processes for the conching, refining, and molding stages during the production of the chocolates.


This allows him to achieve such special flavor profiles.


Tainos Collection

Premium Chocolate 


About Moises


Moises Davidovits was born in Venezuela (once called “The Great Cacao”) in a Chocolate maker family.

Moved to the Dominican Republic to found Chocolates Khao Caribe 

Now on-board with the US company First Foods Group  as Master Chocolatier to help develop chocolates for Health conscious markets.

Meaning, not only doing Artisan common chocolates, but also into NO Sugar Added (aka: Sugar Free) Chocolates


Press & News

Moises' achievements have been recognized and reviewed by the American press

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